Guidelines For Consideration

  1.  Is your site at least 4 months old?  Anything under that will not be accepted.
  2. Does your site look real, would someone legitimately browse it?  We will not accepts sites with zero design – unless they are informational blogs.  These PBNs are for established sites, not assets that are just getting started.
  3. Do you have quality content?  We do not cater to splash pages or churn and burn assets
  4. Do you have a healthy and natural link foundation?  i.e. white hat pillow links, guest posts, etc – Minimum 20 referring domains showing in Ahrefs
  5. Is your site already showing in the serps?  If you have 0 organic keywords, then it’s not time for PBN’s.
  6. Have you used shady link practices in the past?  GSA, Cheap PBNs, etc?  Will not be accepted.
  7. Has your site shown a sharp decline in overall rankings recently?  Should prob look to get that graph pointing back up before applying.
  8. Do you know what you are doing?  Have you studied and made sure you are ready to use these links to help your campaign?  If not then be honest… PBN links are a tool, but like all tools, should be used with instruction for maximum benefit.

If you have read through this and feel confident in your abilities as an SEO then feel Free to Go Back To the Application Page.

We Look forward to Serving You Some Freedom. 

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