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  • 1-Time Payments

Pay Once and get link placements that last for the life of the articles.

  • Informational Articles On Real, Aged Sites

This is the ultimate in outreach. Niche edits get you contextual backlinks in highly trusted articles on aged sites. You need these.

  • Virtually Any Niche

We have sites in virtually every niche you can imagine. See FAQ for regulations.

  • Excellent Way To Diversify

A blast of Freedom Fighters is a great way to diversify your link profile on real sites. If there's one thing you can't get enough of when trying to rank, it's links... And We Have You Covered.

Packs For Projects of all sizes!

5 links:
Great for small sites (local, niched affiliate), or those pesky keywords that need a little boost.
10 links:
Great for bigger sites or sites that are in a more competitive space.  
el asesino:
if you gotta ask...

The Cat Fight

5 Links Pack:

3 RD 50-100 Links

2 RD 100-200

10 Links Pack:

5 RD 50-100 Links

3 RD 100-200 Links

1 RD-200-400 Link

1 RD 400-800 Link

The Prize Fighter

5 Links Pack:

2 RD 50-100 Links

2 RD 100-200 Links

1 RD-200-400 link

10 Links Pack:

3 RD 50-100 Links

3 RD 100-200 Links

2 RD-200-400 Links

1 RD 400-800 Link

1 RD 800-1200 Link

The Battling Betty

5 Links PAck:

2 RD 100-200 Links

2 RD-200-400 Links

1 RD 400-800 Link

10 Links PAck:

4 RD 100-200 Links

3 RD-200-400 links

1 RD 400-800 link

1 RD 800-1200 link

1 RD 1200+ Link

The Crazy Ivan

5 Links pack:

2 RD-200-400 Links

2 RD 400-800 Links

1 RD 800-1200 Link

10 Links pack:

3 RD-200-400 Links

3 RD 400-800 links

2 RD 800-1200 links 

2 RD 1200+ links

or The formidable...

el asesino!

The strongest and most monstrous of all the fighters... for when you need to do some "serious talking"

If you know you're going to need about a month's worth of links to a pretty strong site then this is the pack you're looking for!

20 Monster links:

5 RD 50-100 Links

5 RD 100-200 links

 RD-200-400 links

3 RD 400-800 links

2 RD 800-1200 links

2 RD 1200+ links



Q: Are these PBN's or Actual Sites?

A: These are REAL sites. Not PBN's.  REAL informational sites.

Q: What is the Turn Around Time?

A: 14 days on average depending on the order size.  Orders can take up to 1 month but are worth the wait.

Q: If i need more than even 20 links for a site? 

A: Feel free to email us at [email protected] for custom bulk orders.  minimum to request custom orders is 50 links/mo

Q: Is Gambling, Adult, Or Pharma Allowed?

A:  no. Unfortunately we can not accept any of the "bad neighborhood" niches on these blogs. This includes PayDay Loans.

Q: is the amount of rd the amount pointed at the page my links will be on?

A: no, this information is to give you an idea of the authority the actual blog has. strength of the actual page varies.  

Q: can you give me the tf, cf, da, etc?

A: we don't measure our inventory by those standards, so unfortunately we don't keep track of such things.

Q:  Does my site need to meet some sort of quality standards?

A: yes!  no spammy sites will be accepted.  if you complete the order and we don't like the site we will immediately refund the money and cancel the order. 

Q:  can i check out the sites before i order or see a list?

A: nope. 

Questions or Comments?

Contact Support At:  [email protected]

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