quality pbn builds at affordable prices

  • 1,000 words of unique, hand-                          written content
  • Rebuild or redirect top 5                                  strongest URLs
  • premium themes and plugins used                on big sites worldwide

Check Out these gorgeous samples!!!

finance pbn demo

Quality Design

Each PBN is setup with a custom logo, images and video. We design your PBN with high quality stock images, videos, and banner placements so your PBN's look like real sites as soon as you're ready to put up your first post.

Premium Content

Each PBN comes with 1,000+ words of handwritten, unique content. This ensures that your site looks natural from day 1. Check out the extras and add even more content for just $4 per 400-500 words!


Each PBN is set up so that it's diverse from every angle. We've spent thousands of hours testing and prodding at plugins, themes, and anything else you can think of that needs to be set up properly for a PBN to work and stay secure. With Freedom Builds, you can rest assured knowing your PBN is set up properly from the get-go.

Increased Power

We rebuild or redirect the Top 5 Pages according to Ahrefs to boost the power of your PBN. PBN's often have strong inner pages, so it's important to have those either built out or redirected in order to add more juice to your PBN. For a little extra we'll build out more than 5 pages to add even more power.


Q: What is the Turn Around Time?

A: average tat is 7-10 days

Q: Are these nulled themes?

AAbsolutely Not, however we also don't provide the licensing for every theme we use. Some of them will be the free version of the theme. Functionality and updates will work perfectly fine, and the PBN will render you no problems. 

Q: If I put in a massive order (25+) can I possibly get a discount?

A: We offer a discounted rate for orders over 25 sites.  email us @ [email protected] to learn more

Q: is it possible to have more than 5 pages built out?

A: yes, you can purchase more pages.  $15 per 10 pages is the price and available as an upgrade in the orders section.


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