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Mobile Friendly Wordpress Sites with Schema, Proper Silo Structure, Pagespeed Optimization, and More!

  • Any Local Niche

Do you have or need a site for a local based Service Company? We have a unique build just for you.

  • Options For Anyone

Content Options for any Business. Weather you plan on adding your own or need it done, we have you covered.

We've spent years competing in the toughest local markets and winning using the same exact framework we're offering here!

You're essentially getting us to build you what our own agency clients would get at a fraction of the cost. We'll do all the grunt work, and you can take all the credit!

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it:Local Lead Generation Campaigns are Scalable, Sustainable, and Extremely Profitable!It's time for you to take action and Dominate Your Market.

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Design That Speaks To Clients and SEO's

A lot of companies focus on utility more than design, or vice-versa. With Freedom Local you get the perfect melting of each because we understand that both help increase your sales and keep your clients happy.

That's why Freedom Local's team is constantly up-to-date with the latest SEO and Design trends. If you've ever had issues with a clients site not converting well because of design, or not ranking well because of the backend... Well then, you've found your auto-pilot solution with Freedom Local.

scale with confidence

Freedom Local has your back! We've tested hundreds of variables and studied thousands of hours of information so you don't have to stress in wondering if you might have missed a couple things - with Freedom Local, you haven't.

These are the types of sites your kids will pass down to their kids as family heirlooms!

Too much? You get the point.

Solid Websites Done For You. Hassle-Free.

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Construction design by industry leaders

Let us take the guess work out of the equation and build you a local site that works right out of the box at a price that can't be beat! These are the same builds we use to navigate the SERPs as swiftly as possible; because, fact: fast rankings increase profits. And well-built sites Rank Fast!

The kind of lead generation sites available on the market aren't exactly rankable, and even if they are, they aren't specifically created to take down an entire local niche... Ours Are.

Every Page Built Out And Ready To Go.

  • - Unique, Hand-Written Content Including:
    • -Areas Served Pages
    • -Service Pages
    • -Geo Pages with Direction Based Maps
    • -Brand Pages
      • -Brand Jack a Competitor
        • -i.e. "Why (Your Brand) is Better Than (Competitor)" Page
  • - Every site will be Custom Built on a User Friendly Builder so Edits are a Breeze
  • - Mindfully Designed and Proven to Convert
  • - Hand Packaged and Delivered To You
  • - Includes a Keyword and Content Plan For Your Niche Along With a Content Report

Available Now!

Local lead Gen Sites

Done Right

These packages include everything you need in every local niche to get started ranking in the local serps, with design that any business owner can be proud to call their own. 

Near perfect,  english-fluent writers - See our examples to get an example of what a site will look and read like:

also includes a pillow links cocktail to help build some authority right out of the gate!

*Each Build Comes With 3,000+ Words Of Content Spread Over The Home Page, Up To 5 Services Pages, Up to 5 Areas Served Pages, and of course includes TOS, Contact, and Privacy at no additional cost. need additional pages? no problem - add 'em on!



No clue why the hell I was Building my own sites from scratch before... You know how much schema alone stressed me out? A+ to these sites. even my toughest clients are loving them.


Chris Tzitzis


I was looking to build out a lead gen site for another income stream. I didn't have the time to build it myself so I just let Freedom handle everything. Great decision. It looks way better than if I had made it myself and the conversion rate is through the roof. I pointed a handful of links at the aged domain and the site pulls in a nice chunk of change every month on auto-pilot now.


Connor Butterworth


At some point you just have to consider what your time is worth to you. These local sites are an obvious solution to every SEO's biggest scarcity; their time. The price being so low doesn't hurt either ;-)


Sia Mohajer


Q: If I have my own content and images can I give them to you to add?

A: Yes, you will just need to buy the basic gig and pass us all of the content for your project. Any missed items will be built out by our team like usual.

Q: What is the Turn Around Time?

A:  typically 7-10 days 

Q: If I need a large order (10+ Sites) are there discounts available?

A: We do offer discounts for bulk orders over 10 sites, just email us at:

[email protected]

Q: Can you rebuild my old site to look like one of these?

A: it's possible, but depends on the size of the site and how much customization is involved.  contact us with the url and we'll be happy to take a look and let you know.  [email protected]

For Questions

or Support


[email protected]

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